Day Four

Second day in the Slum Centre. Last night was a great time of exchanging ideas; it helped to identify what “worked”, what didn’t and allowed us to have a better grasp of what the kids enjoyed doing. Answer? Just about anything and everything!

The drivers Saresh and Choudraman collected us at 9 and we were getting stuck into board games etc by 9.30. The ladies would bring a glass of warm chai about 11! Lovely!!!!!

Day four was filled playing games with the little guys aged 7-14 . Card making, music, loom bands, singing etc., and all in a 12′ x 12′ space. 35 kids and about 4 of us. Challenging.

Geoffrey and Carol spent the afternoon visiting another established community centre where Geoffrey preached.

Heather spent the day at the offices of International Justice Mission.

Dr Kiran and Freddy Martin has asked us for dinner so I’d better fly! lol.

And its Barbara’s birthday yeaaaaa. The United Zakira Philharmonic Kids choir gave a rare live performance singing Happy Birthday to her!!

Adios Amigos


Last updated: 17 November 2015 at 3:30 pm