Child and Adult Safeguarding

Holywood Parish treats matters of child protection and ministry to vulnerable adults with the utmost seriousness.

The incumbent, select vestry, staff and volunteers are committed to uphold good practice in the parish’s ministry.

Should you have a concern, suspicion or allegation regarding the welfare of children in the parish please contact a member of the parish panel.

  • Gillian Cloke
  • Gareth Harron (The vicar)
  • Joanne Hughes
  • Gavin Pantridge

Contact details for the above members of the parish panel are displayed on posters in our parish buildings.

Alternatively you can contact members of the panel confidentially through the parish office.

More details and the full Safeguarding Trust policy by which the parish is required to abide is available at this link.

Concerns of a health and safety nature regarding parish premises (the parish church and parish centre.) should be referred to the parish office.