Day Three

After a bit of acclimatisation, the trip kicked off this morning properly. Asha’s Zahara slum centre is a gemstone in that deprived area. Rani supervises with Shiny and they guided us around the slum before meeting the kids after lunch.

The main railway runs through the slum which accounts for a few deaths when water is scarce and further travel necessary .

Success stories following Asha’s involvement are numerous. “Om” and “Vet” are now at the University of Delhi but still live in Zakira. It wasn’t long before we had them interpreting!! And loom banding!

With The Big G (Geoffrey) supervising events, Debbie and Rosemary paintin murals (subcontracted to older teens), Barbara and Carol teaching English and getting involved in music, Pete, Doris and Libbi outside in the yard loombanding and playing games, Catherine and Heather made cards.

Action packed day, totally wiped.

Early bed I think!!!

Last updated: 16 November 2015 at 6:29 pm