There are many things to do to plan a wedding but remember that the ceremony is central to the day. It is a privilege not a right to be married in a church. In applying for a church wedding it will be assumed that you are regular worshippers at St Philip & St James or, in exceptional circumstances, at another church near where you live. To desire to be married in church you must be willing not only to ask for God’s blessing upon your union together but also to show that you seek to live your lives according to his word.

Wedding services are only conducted for parishoners or accustomed members. A parishoner is someone who lives in the parish and claims to be member of the Church of Ireland. An accustomed member is someone who has worshipped regularly with us for six months. In exceptional circumstances weddings are conducted for the children of parishoners where the children live at a distance from the parish but most of their family live near Holywood.

We gladly welcome enquiries for weddings under these circumstances and encourage couples who live outside the parish to approach their local Church of Ireland clergy who has pastoral responsibility for them where they live and will continue to care for them.

Historical family links with Holywood Parish are not grounds on which to grant permission to be married here. If you wish to become an accustomed member at HPC, please ensure that you sign the visitor’s book in church each Sunday before requesting a wedding date.